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The Limpopo Academy Of Private Detection (2012)

The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection (2012)

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0307378403 (ISBN13: 9780307378408)

About book The Limpopo Academy Of Private Detection (2012)

All the things that make this series memorable are present in this novel, but it's just all starting to feel samey. The only progression that we see in this outing is that Fanwell is displaying the beginning of maturity, but other than that we have all the same players doing all the same things. Still, it's a book that appears in a series I love by an author I love and so it's still better than many things I've read this year. I love this series and this was no exception. It is written in a deceptively simple style. A friend who spent many years in Africa near where this takes place assured me Alexander McCall Smith captures the pace of living and cadence of speech. that is very authentic. No great trauma in the book, just life as it is lived with its ups and downs. A young man hoodwinked into repairing a stolen car, another man using his money and power to take over an orphanage, etc. But they all get neatly resolved and one finishes the book with a warm happy feeling. He's a wonderful writer and I love the characters, and the wisdom and common sense that is dispensed throughout.

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I really enjoyed this one. Clovis Andersen is a wonderful character.

I love all the books in this series.


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