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The Linen Queen (2011)

The Linen Queen (2011)

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1599952009 (ISBN13: 9781599952000)
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About book The Linen Queen (2011)

I have read many books about WWII but none that ever gave the Irish perspective. Sheila is awarded the title of Linen Queen and the prize money. This is her opportunity to flee her poor and miserable existence. But, Belfast is bombed and the American Soldiers come to her village.It wasn’t the best book I ever read but it was interesting. One knows what to expect but is happy about reading on in spite of it. The story is fairly predictable but the writer has a way of engaging the reader. Three and a half stars for me. I had mixed feelings about this book, at times I did not like it, it seemed cliche. By the end I really liked it. The characters were well written because they caused emotion on my end. At times I did not like Sheila..the "wee bitch", so self absorbed! I hated her mother. I just wish that Grainne was more developed because that could of been a better twist in the story.

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This book kept my interest but it is not as good as this authors book, The Yellow House.

Good book, will add her other book, Yellow House, to be to read list.

This was a rather different take on a World War Two experience.

really didn't like it or the main character

just okay. cute story but nothing great.

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