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The Litter Of The Law (2013)

The Litter of the Law (2013)

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About book The Litter Of The Law (2013)

Thought this might be a fun new series to explore...not if this book is indicative of the others. Brown uses that literary device where characters divulge background information during casual conversation with each other resulting in the most improbable and stilted communication possible! And having the cast of animals speak could have been a clever addition if those conversations hadn't been so inane. Other reviews have mentioned that the earlier books in this long series were better...might try again for a quick read. I love Crozet, Virginia. I blame Rita Mae Brown, who invented the place - it's full of caring and creative people, and interesting things happen there. It's home to Mrs. Murphey, perhaps the smartest grey tabby ca ever, and her fat friend Pewter, and Tucker, a corgi of some renown! All these creatures, and many more, help keep Harry Harriston safe as she sticks her nose in right where it doesn't belong - into the business of the Albermarle Sheriff's office homicide investigations. Why such a wonderful small town has so many murderous plots is simple - Rita Mae has more writing inside her, and for that, I am ever thankful, because really, I love her writing even more (a lot more) than I love Crozet!

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Easy read (needed after some very heavy reading); delightful, fun, nice escape.

Okay. Author expresses too many personal opinions.

Just plain fun as usual.

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