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The Lost (and Found) Balloon (2013)

The Lost (and Found) Balloon (2013)
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The Lost (and Found) Balloon (2013)
The Lost (and Found) Balloon (2013)

About book: Beautiful and fun book for young children (especially those who have recently moved to a new neighborhood, or whose friend recently moved away). A lovely story about finding friendship told through poetry and beautiful artwork.The illustrations are partial, some parts of drawings intentionally remain black and white, which guides our eyes and directs our attention to more important parts of the illustrations. The illustrations appeal to the eye through a mainly red and blue palate.The bouncing aab, ccb pattern at the beginning, and end, of the story mimics the bouncing and bumping of a balloon in the hands of a child. While the aabbcc... pattern in the middle of the story feels more like a balloon floating and gliding through the air, mirroring the movement of the balloon Molly sends off.The circular form of the book brings Molly's balloon down to another little girl. But, as a twist, the balloon floats down, after a whole night, right next door to where Molly lives with an invitation for a new friend. The book won the General Mills Spoonful of Stories contest and was published last year. Have you ever “lost” a helium-filled balloon and imagined where it might end up? That is what a young girl names “Molly O-Doon dreams about. Through poetic text, the story of the balloon traveling is told, finally ending up… Sorry I won’t tell. The illustrations are sweet especially when it’s night and the balloon travels across moonlit water.
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I wish this one didn't rhyme... Why do all of the Cheerios contest winners have to rhyme??
Very cute book about a balloon. Very great illustrations. Good story for kids.
Sweet story with fun pictures.
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