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The Machiavelli Interface (1986)

The Machiavelli Interface (1986)
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The Machiavelli Interface (1986)
The Machiavelli Interface (1986)

About book: I had high expectations for this book. I wasn't disappointed, much.Not to say that a little disappointment isn't good for a book. Getting everything that you expect makes for a dull read. The Matador series has been anything but dull. Fact is it made several odd choice early in volume one that have defined these books as rare examples of throwing out the mold and making your own cast.The Man Who Never Missed was about Khadaji's epiphany and the changes that brought about in him. Matadora was about Dirisha's apathy and the changes Khadaji brought about in her. The Machiavelli Interface is about the matadors and the change they brought to the galaxy. It's interesting too that for the first time a significant portion of the narrative was dedicated to the arch nemesis of the matadors, Marcus Wall the Kingmaker.I really would have read this cover to cover if it hadn't been for the time I had wasted reading another novel that was dreadful. By the time I picked up TMI it was late and I knew, if I didn't tear myself away I could easily loose 3-4 hours of sleep. It was a hard decision.Things have gone sideways for the matadors since Matadora and the galaxy is not a safe place for Khadaji(in prison, is to be executed). Dirisha, now defacto leader of the matadors now leads them on a mission to rescue their mentor and friend. All is not as it seems though. Khadaji is a man of many schemes and the long game has been almost two decades in motion. His endgame is sublime and worthy of a man who never misses. As Venture says to Khadaji, "Christus! What did we do to deserve you?"

4.5 stars. Very satisfying ending to an excellent, and under-rated, science fiction trilogy. All three of the Matador books making up this trilogy (The Man Who Never Missed, Matadora and this book) are well written, fast paced books that are seem to pack a lot of story into their 200 pages. In this finale of the first trilogy, the war against the corrupt Confederation that has been brewing for the first two novels finally begins and the action never stops. Highly recommended for fans of action-packed science fiction.
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