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The Magic Of Krynn (1987)

The Magic of Krynn (1987)
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The Magic Of Krynn (1987)
The Magic Of Krynn (1987)

About book: "Is Rasitlin truly dead?"If you have to ask, probably not...I gotta' say, it has been a looooooooong time since I read me some Dragonlance. I loved the original trilogy as a kid because I was a full on, geeked out, D&D playin' lunatic! Then I discovered girls. And rock 'n' roll. Actually, there were several years of overlap. Thus my love for heavy metal. And swords. So it goes.It was fun going back to Krynn and riding along with the characters from the Dragonlance books on other stories taking place both before and after the original series. All of the stories are well written and entertaining but the real stand out, for me, was Nancy Berberick's story, "Harvests." That was some serious story telling, folks. She's got the intensity and economy to drive a short story right into your face and MAKE you pay attention! Good stuff. I just might have to read some of her Dragonalance novels.Not sure if this series would appeal to those who are not familiar with those first three Dragonalance books, considering the plentiful references in these stories to events that took place in those book but the writing's solid and enjoyable.

The poetic story at the beginning was very smooth, but I could not rellunderstand it. The second tale, "Th Blood Sea Monster", was rather enjoyable, and you may or may notlike the ending. The other stories, including the novella at the end, were okay, but the book was not that memorable, except for the description of a character who "looked to juggle cows for a living." Speaking of which, I am an amateur juggler, not only of objects such as juggling balls, rings and clubs, but I mentally juggle books(I sometimes read three or more novels at the "same time.") And it works well for me, because when I get bored or wanting a break from one book, I can read another for a while. It helps me move along. Anyway, "The Magic of Krynn" was not bad, it was all right. Perhaps it would be worth borrowing from a library, but not necessarily worth buying.
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