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The Mahabharata Secret (2013)

The Mahabharata Secret (2013)

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Simply awesome. Its been a while since I have read a Dan Brown genre book. I am an avid follower of Indian Mythical stories and this one exactly fits my taste. A good story with a blend of history and technology in equal measure. Vijay and Colin combo is a budding sherlock - watson combination. Would like to read more of this duo. If the author ever plans a sequel, I am up for it. Occasionally author tends to get a little long on descriptions of historic events. That is the only nitpicking i can do about the book. (Spoilers Ahead) Also in the end, there are a couple of things which I would have liked to be changed. I am a happy ending person. So going with a 4. I got this book as a gift by a dear cousin, so gave it a shot. The story is engaging, and I say that because it's very unlike me to finish a book in 3 days (it's also quite small). I liked how it went back and forth in time.But the writing style reminds me of a 15 year old. There is another issue with the writing style - there is no distinction in how an American talks as opposed to an Indian, the subtle differences in English weren't incorporated, which made the conversations quite monotonous.I also hope the publishers proof-read the book again, to eliminate typos of spacing and single quotes.Overall, the author has potential. if you aren't reading Chetan Bhagat, give this a read.PS: The story was slightly predictable, which I am perfectly fine with. However, the BIGGEST twist in the story was very lightly mentioned, didn't come with a bang!

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