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The Maiden's Hand (2009)

The Maiden's Hand (2009)

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About book The Maiden's Hand (2009)

This second novel is very nice but I had to start some time after I had finished reading the other. I do not know why, novels are enjoyable, a lot, but then finished reading, I can not start the next in the trilogy! In this novel, I can still say that I really liked the male lead that I found very very nice, friendly and fun. Does not take itself seriously and interacts with the delightful character! Very cute!The next is the last I'm curious ... is set in Ireland! This book couldn't hold my attention. I had to jump to the end to make sure it was going to be worth my time to finish. The Epilogue was intriguing, but ... well if I say what was intriguing about the next book in the series and ultimately a disappointment of my HEA requirements for a romance I would be spoiling the next book (which I haven't read and am seriously considering not reading because of the epilogue of this book). The epilogue makes me want to just read the last chapters of the next book to see what happened and not read the rest of it because I don't want to get to know the characters then be sad instead of the happy I read romance for in the first place.This book is heavy on the deus ex machina and therefore disappointing by default. The epilogue spoils the promise of adventure of the next book by basically telling the reader that the ending will not be a happy one. I wish I hadn't bought all three books in the trilogy at once because I don't think I'll be reading more.

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How sneaky. This is just a reissue of Vows Made in Wine. Don't be fooled if you read that one!

3.25 -- didn't like nearly as much as I love Wiggs' 19th century romances.

Noioso. Molto meglio il primo della trilogia.

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