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The Man Who Cancelled Himself (1995)

The Man Who Cancelled Himself (1995)
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The Man Who Cancelled Himself (1995)
The Man Who Cancelled Himself (1995)

About book: David Handler has written a series of Stewart Hoag mysteries in which Hoag is a ghost writer hired to collaborate on the autobiography of an individual. During the course of research and interaction with the subject he discovers a mystery which he then proceeds to solve (of course.) Hoag has been hired to work with Lyle Hugnut, star of the Uncle Chubby show (the puns just roll all over the place.) Lyle has been caught with his pants down in an adult theater and the network wants to cancel his show. His girl friend, Katrina, (well, never mind, I was about to make a joke about Hooters, but we'll skip that.) Soon weird things are happening on the set and the network sends "God" (Godfrey) to straighten things out, but actors get sick, one of the characters is killed, electrocuted while peeing into a urinal, and it looks like someone is out to get the Uncle Chubby show cancelled. Lots of puns and funny characters. Don't take it seriously; just enjoy the ride. I hope Handler's others are equally enjoyable.I listened to this one on audio (,) delightfully read by Tom Stechschulte, one of my favorite readers.
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