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The Map Of Time (2012)

The Map of Time (2012)

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1439167419 (ISBN13: 9781439167410)
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About book The Map Of Time (2012)

I've read it in Hungarian, since the English edition is also a translation from Spanish. The novel is interesting and entertaining, especially for those who have read Wells' The Time Machine, since he is one of the major characters in the story. It consists of three seemingly different story lines which meet at certain points and through certain characters, in the now-classic fashion of postmodern novels. I enjoyed the uncertainty of the novel's genre: it keeps promising to turn into a kind of "steampunk" Victorian SF then it turns back from this direction, only to have another go at it. At certain stages I've found the writer's style a bit irritating, though: he seems to be intent on playing the postmodernist game of self-referentiality, intruding in the story from time to time in an almost exhibitionist way. Since this trick of the trade was last news roughly in the 1960s, I've found his efforts to emphasize the story's fictionality this way somewhat tedious. This is an amazing book, as much for the writing as the story itself. I've seen it grouped under steampunk but it isn't really. Though it does deal with HG Wells and his novel The Time Machine, so maybe a little. Also literary, historical fantasy....Yes, there's a reason why it's quoted as being genre bending. But how it's classified is irrelevant to the pleasure of reading it. If you have read Shadow of the Wind, definitely check out this book. Highly, highly recommended.

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Well written and thrilling - until the last quarter reveals what really is going on...

Intriguing, but ultimately not good enough to keep attention of the reader.

I did not finish this book. I got bored and it did not keep me focused.

I couldn't get through even half of it...I didn't like it.

Kinda odd and while well written, didn't hold my interest.

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