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The Marlowe Conspiracy (2000)

The Marlowe Conspiracy (2000)
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The Marlowe Conspiracy (2000)
The Marlowe Conspiracy (2000)

About book: Got it on Kindle cheap because I was curious about Christopher Marlowe and had read none of the historical fiction exploring the mystery of his death and/or the question of his sexual preference. I'll probably finish it, but I wish it were better done. I copy check a lot and I've been wanting to grab my virtual pencil and write all over this manuscript from page one. It's not bad, just not stunning, and breaking my heart that it could be so much better with the tiniest bit more care.Now that I am a few chapters in (cleverly labelled Act I, Scene 11--that whole thing is actually not as cute as the author hoped it would be!), I think I know exactly where the book is headed. Not wild about the choices the writer is making. When I finish, I will find a another one to read on the same subjects. Next time, I will probably pay fill Kindle price after looking for recommendations. I'm the author of this novel, so I just wanted to give readers a little more information about the story.As some people may know, Christopher Marlowe was a real playwright who wrote for THE ROSE theatre alongside William Shakespeare. He was the first person to use blank verse in dramatic form. His connection to the Elizabethan spy networks is widely speculated upon due to the fact that his patron was heavily connected in the spy world, and the Privy Council (the highest governing body in the country) directly intervened on Marlowe's behalf in a dispute with Cambridge University when it tried to ban his MA. Such an action is unprecedented and clearly indicates that Marlowe had upper-level connections. Marlowe's suspicious death in Deptford also involved several figures from the Elizabethan underworld of spies. Thanks a lot, I hope you enjoy reading my work!
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Great story, and interesting characterisation. Enjoyable, but writing style sometimes irritating
Three and a half stars.Good Elizabethan Historical thriller
Not worth reading.
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