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The Marriage Trap (2000)

The Marriage Trap (2000)
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The Marriage Trap (2000)
The Marriage Trap (2000)

About book: This was an ok read. Nothing special really, but also it wasn't bad.Characters were nice, but I wasn't especially interested in them.There were few things I really didn't like and the worst was how they could see everything in each others eyes. I mean, I understand that you can see something more in somebody's eyes, but everything? How Maggie retreated, guarded every emotion and so on. And those knowing looks were mentioned all the time.And one more thing. So his whole family lives in Italy. But they speak English all the time?? I understand they speak English when Maggie is around, but in other doesn't make any sense. I think the author shouldn't have put the story in Italy and write only few Italian words. If me and my brother were in some other country, we would speak our language when we speak to each other alone. So that bothered me a bit. It wasn't real.Other than that, the book is in the middle. Nothing special but not bad. I really enjoyed book 2! It was a little slower than the first one, but that doesn't take away from the story. I LOVE Maggie. You can tell she's deeply hurting by some past event and to watch her finally overcome that and put her trust in Michael was enjoyable. She is fierce and feisty and I love her character! I also really like Michael AKA Count. I find myself not understanding some of his terms of endearment that he says to Maggie, but I swoon every time he does it. I wish we could have gotten more Nick & Alexa, but am glad we go were introduced to Michael's family. I can't wait to see where Jennifer Probst takes Carina & Max.
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2,5 de 5 estrellas. Ni punto de comparación con su antecesor. Pronto reseña en mi blog.
Great read!! A whirlwind of emotions!
Michael Conte
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