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The Mask (1990)

The Mask (1990)
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The Mask (1990)
The Mask (1990)

About book: The moment I was finished this novel, I was dumbfounded. I thought, “Wait, that was it? I need more information!” What a great cliffhanger. I can’t believe that was just it and I was still on the edge. Anyway, this is another novel of Dean Koontz that made me think differently of him. This is the fourth novel of his that I read and I can say they are so different from each other, I mean if the book doesn’t include the author’s name I would never think that they are written by the same author. That’s how good Dean Koontz is.I never thought that Dean Koontz could write something like The Mask because it includes poltergeist activities, ghosts, and any other paranormal happenings. It also discusses reincarnation. A girl named Laura that was killed in a fire during the 1800’s was seeking for revenge because she thought her mother intentionally started the fire to kill her. She was reincarnated 3 times and on the day before her 16th birthday, she will attempt to kill her mother, who is also the reincarnation of her mother in the 1800’s but in those 3 reincarnations, she always get killed by her mother.It was a cycle and someone should stop it so no more killings could occur.Of course, I love the novel, though it was not that fast paced for me also the information on the back of the book was misleading. Nevertheless, I still want to say this is a good book and it sort of scared me when I read it at night.

Ok! This was the first Dean Koontz I have read. I didn't really know the genre, so I assumed it was psychological thriller or something along those lines. I was quite surprised when I saw the elements of supernatural beings and horror.This was the first book of the horror genre that I have read. It creeped me out. The imagery was awesome. The way the book was written allowed me to vividly see what was happening. I loved it. The book moved at a fast pace, and I wasn't bored at all. The setting took a while, but events were happening, and the book gripped me. I loved it, and am now eager to see more Dean Koontz books. HOWEVER! [SPOILER ALERT]There was a tiny detail that I didn't really like. And that is the way the book ended. It was a bit abrupt to me. The way it ended... Was a bit too sudden. I felt like I wanted to know the reactions, [particularly of the mother to the daughter, or what Carol would do with Jane in the end] however, the book left it sort of hanging, and I didn't really like that.Other than the open ended ending, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, loved seeing the supernatural entities, and how the level headed, logical people accepted the presence of all of this. This is definitely something I enjoyed, and if you are looking for something good, and interesting or suspenseful, read this.
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Joanna Reed
Well I would have the disagree with the statement on the back of the book that Dean Koontz is a better write with more imagination than Stephen Kind. King tops Koontz simply by the fact he can write a decent ending to a book. Up until the end the story was pretty good and I liked the mixture of supernatural, horror and mystery. There were some scenes in the book that I felt were completely pointless and didn't enhance the story one iota, namely the sex scenes. Good build up to a very disappointing ending that was an anticlimax. This is the second book of Koontz I've read and I didn't like the last one unfortunately I have been give a collection of his and I'm not sure if I can bring myself to do it.m
Dustin Crazy little brown owl
This was an interesting story. At first, I was confused how the prologue fit into the main story, but that soon became clear. If you like stories with bad kitties like we saw in The Bad Place, for example, you'll love this book! Upon second reading, I was even more pleased with the story - I even liked the ending because I am crazy :-) It's fun to read an earlier book by Dean Koontz with such a unique story idea - I didn't even mind that it was dated .I love retro - reading about a time when people were reliant on phone booths and phones attached to the walls of their homes. There are even printed newspapers in this story. Those were the good ol' days!I found this amusing (chapter 3):Every thirty seconds or so, a bleached blonde with a shrill voice repeated the same words of amazement: "I can't believe nobody got killed in all that! I can't believe nobody got killed." Each time she spoke, regardless of where she was in the room, her voice carried over the din and made Paul wince. "I can't believe nobody got killed." She sounded somewhat disappointed.I listened using the Brilliance audiobook and the narrator did a good job with the different voices.
I don't believe in Ghosts. Being a Hindu, I must believe in reincarnation - But I don't. Even if I believed in reincarnation and transmigration, I, as a Hindu, must believe that these chances are given to souls to improve upon themselves and not to wreck havoc by channeling all their accumulated Karma towards misplaced revenge.Having stated my beliefs I must also admit that I enjoyed reading The Mask by Dean Koontz very much. He has managed to weave the unbelievables into a beautiful novel which I had to read in one sitting.Great work. I am getting to like the author more and more.
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