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The Matchmaker (2014)

The Matchmaker (2014)

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0316099759 (ISBN13: 9780316099752)
Little, Brown and Company

About book The Matchmaker (2014)

Disappointing read. First off, the Goodreads description gives a plot point that comes out 70% into the book. I suppose that beef is more with Goodreads than the actual book. I've read a couple of Hilderbrand's novels in the past, and I would describe them as fluffy beach romances. Hilderbrand usually makes good connections with her characters against the Nantucket backdrop. I didn't feel those connections this time. The main character Dabney (get ready for other interesting character names like Celerie) is supposedly the most popular woman on Nantucket, and I can't see why. Her character is primarily defined by wearing pearls and being agoraphobic outside of Nantucket. She detects love auras between people although her day job is working at the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce, and she herself is in a stale marriage. The love of her life moves back into town, and she starts an affair with him, which might not be every reader's cup of tea. It's an uneven book with poor characters that are hard to connect with. This was pretty good. Story of a woman who was accomplished with a Harvard professor husband and a grown daughter. She's several generations from Nantucket and can't leave, ever, for various reasons. She has a knack for matchmaking and has done so since she was a teenager. We find her daughter's father is her childhood sweetheart who left to be a world journalist. He returns to the island and she is still smitten with him. How it all turns out, and ends sadly, but everyone else goes on.A nice story. Interesting enough. I might try one of her other books.

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I just like this authors books as a nice escape from life! They are just solid entertaining dramas!

First time reading this author and I absolutely loved this book! So very touching!

Good summer read. Setting in Nantucket.

A fun, very light read.

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