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The Matlock Paper (2005)

The Matlock Paper (2005)
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The Matlock Paper (2005)
The Matlock Paper (2005)

About book: was interested greatly until the man that hooked me gets shot in a phone booth! Hard to keep reading, mind you this IS all in the first two chapters.. so a climax at the front would have to work hard to grab me again. In comes the second man just assigned to MATLOCK and then it JUST gets crazy.. College fraternities set in a separatist time, vrazy allegations, people spooking Matlock looking for "the Papers" half a document that gives him access into a secret drug dealers society. A society of many mafia style personages that are coming together like a boss meeting. no one knows who anyone is, just that you have the other half of the paper.. is your clout! This is and was very compelling and pulled me in. okay.. SO BACK to the craziness.. Mr Matlock is told that the owner/dean of the university is at the top of the LIST of people that the FBI is trying to infiltrate and bring down.. Oh NO.. Matlock says it cant be... I must go and warn him.. so he does.. and the dean runs off screaming into the night of his own monstrously lavish forest of a back yard and dies.. yelling Nimrod.. oooops!! Guess he was involved or was scared to death of those involved now knowing that the FBI asked Matlock to infiltrate and that they are all under suspicion...This is where i Quit reading.. i just couldn't finish... all the crazy up and down, climax and let down, climax and crash.. Maybe I will pick it up again, maybe i wont.. its shelved with bookmark and have read 2 more books in its place and since.. maybe I will and maybe i wont... only LOTS of time will tell.

In het universiteitsstadje Carlyle neemt de handel in harddrugs langzaam de straten over. James Matlock, hoogleraar aan de universiteit, wordt door de FBI ingezet om een bende op te rollen die zich Nimrod noemt. Maar de onervarenheid van Matlock en de hardheid van de criminelen maakt dat Matlock in de duilingwekkende maalstroom van geweld terecht komt en meer problemen veroorzaakt dan hij in zijn hele leven ooit heeft gehad. De criminelen ontzien niets en niemand.---Mijn eerste kennismaking met Ludlum begint goed. Het is een heerlijk boek en een briljant verhaal. Het is meeslepend en ontzettend fijn om te lezen. Dit is een boek dat naar meer smaakt.---Robert Ludlum is geboren in New York in 1927. Ondanks dat hij "maar" 27 boeken heeft geschreven, zijn het allemaal New York Times bestsellers geworden. Zijn boeken zijn vertaalt in 32 talen en er zijn meer dan 225 miljoen exemplaren van verkocht. Ludlum overleed in 2001 op 74 jarige leeftijd.Meer informatie over ludlums boeken en de auteurs die zijn boeken verder hebben bewerkt, is te vinden op:©1972 Robert LudlumThe Matlock PaperPublished in agreement with Danny Baror Agency©1976/1977 Uitgeverij Luitingh~Sijthoff BV, AmsterdamVertaling: Marleen VerhoefOmslagontwerp: Pete TeboskinsOmslagfotografie: Gerhard JaegerISBN: 90.245.2509.8352 pagina's; Pocket
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Awful! One of the worst books I've ever wasted my time finishing! The plot was good which is why I gave it two stars. But, the writing wasn't even worthy of a high school freshman! I've read other stories by Ludlum that are light years better then this, so I'm forced to assume someone else wrote it and Ludlum was somehow blackmailed into putting his name on this incredible piece of crap! In addition to the grade school writing style, the extensive use of italics to show all manner of emotion was so over used that if I see another italicized word, I may have gouge my eyes out!I can not be any more emphatic in my urging that no one else ever read this book for the rest of time!
This is my first Ludlum book and I'm glad I bought this one. It was fast-track, as was promised by the reviews. Initially when I started the book, I thought of Jeffery Archer and as the book progressed I thought it's more like a Dan Brown novel, but by the time I finished the book, I realised Ludlum had his own style and one which actually Dan Brown might have tried to emulate.P.S. I realize I shouldn't have compared the three authors because each has a different style, I assure their fans that no offence was intended to either of them. I enjoy reading all of them immensely.
Scott E
Stopped reading this one about 1/2 way through. I wanted an "international" thriller, so to speak...but this is more about drug dealers on a college campus in the early 70s (written in 1973). I can't really complain much at The Matlock Paper. It's not like I stopped reading b/c it was was thrilling enough, although you do have to take the rather poor "race relations" effort with a grain of salt. I got the impression that Ludlum wanted to support the black power movement of the early 1970s (and be viewed as a contemporary writer by doing so)...but it just comes off as condescending, as if he's OK with it as long as he's looking down on it all.The Matlock paper is far from the great Ludlum's of the late 70's and 1980s (Bourne Identity, The Parsifal Mosaic, The Aquitaine Progression, etc)...but there are far too many books in my TBR pile to spend another couple/few days on this one. I may return as a Ludlum completist...but we'll see. Rating: 3.0 flat.
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