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The Maze (1998)

The Maze (1998)

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This review is in reference to the audio book version.The Maze started out so well that I actually began to look forward to reading/listening to the other FBI books that Catherine Coulter has written. However, in part due to the narrator's sometimes sing-song voice, the prose began to grate on me as did the lack of specificity: "The dish was prepared very nicely."The big flaw here is that the book seems to go on too long. There's a substantial amount of melodrama to go around as well as both the hero and heroine ending up injured numerous times. Also, you know how you always yell at the screen when the woman walks into a dark room, basement, etc. and you wonder how she could be that stupid? Well, our well-trained FBI agent does just that, totally unprepared and beyond incredible. And, then there are some minor inconsistencies that should have been caught: Dillon's voice being a tenor and then being a baritone. There didn't seem to be any "real" connection between Dillon and Lacey. After enjoying the initial build up and I do mean excitedly enjoying it because I thought I'd found a wonderful series much like the Stephanie Plum series, I felt let down and amazed how the novel continued to drone on when it should have ended chapters ago. Disappointing.

This was a surprisingly good book to me. I was browsing the audiobooks available at my library online service. I loved a good romantIc suspense. I came across it and thought why not. I loved the story. It is about Lacey Sherlock who goes on to be an FBI agent. While going thru the last part of her classes she meets Agent Dillon Savich by defeating him in a practical run training test. Her reasons for becoming an agent are revealed when she becomes assigned to work under Savich. This begins a friendship turned romance between the two. But there are a few people who don't want to see this happen and they set other problems in motion. All the while Sherlock and Savich become closer and find out Lacey' s secret connections to the main criminal they are after. Their is not a lot of romance or sex written between the two but it is a brief couple of sex scenes. What you do get is an interesting story to unravel.

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This one's just as awesome and UNPUTDOWNABLE as the first! Coulter drags you right in at the beginning and holds you until the end! Twists that I didn't see coming, especially in finding out who killed Lacey's sister. Just when I thought I for sure had the murderer pegged... and I was soooo wrong! The entire story was action-packed, the suspense enough to make you cringe... the characters each had a personality very much their own, the whole story believable that it could've happened / could happen in real life is enough to be scary on so many levels. Wonder if Book #, The Target, is just as good.

It took me awhile to get into this novel. This is the second Coulter novel I've read, and I enjoyed the first one (The Cove) better. The characters here seemed flat to me and the dialog didn't sound like anything resembling actual human speech, but once the plot got going I found myself somewhat more interested than I had been before. However, I never really felt that any of the characters were in actual danger, and I prefer my thrillers to be so gripping that I fall on the floor from being pushed so far to the edge of my seat. Unfortunately, this one didn't do it.
—J.S. Bailey

Lacey Sherlock may have just finished training to be part of the FBI but she has been on this case every since her sister was murdered 7 years ago. Unknowingly, Dillon Savich played right in to her plans to track down this killer. After seeing her performance at a training excercise, he gave her a option to join his newly created Criminal Apprehension Unit. He's the boss but she seems to have all the answers.The love story involved in this one is not as hot as it could have been but the mystery is good. The 'maze' of details that has to be sifted through in order to make certain that they have the correct person for this crime is, at times difficult to follow but in the end, good. Gotta love how Jimmy Maitland , the big boss, closes the case and leaves everyone including me laughing out loud.

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