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The Measure Of A Man: A Spiritual Autobiography (2007)

The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography (2007)
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The Measure Of A Man: A Spiritual Aut...
The Measure Of A Man: A Spiritual Autobiography (2007)

About book: Money vs. Integrity which should I choice. Should I choice the conviction of the soul – my integrity. Should I choice the oxygen of man – money. Should I choice the will of strength – my integrity. Should I choice the status of the world – money. Should I choice the love of my heavenly father – integrity or should I choice the root of all evil – money. I would say that sometimes convictions firmly held can cost more than we’re willing to pay. And irrevocable change occurs when we’re not up to paying, and irrevocable change occurs when we are up to paying. Either way, we have to live with the consequences. If I’m up to paying the price in a certain situation. I walk away from the experience with some kind of self-respect because I took the heat. And if I go the other way, feeling that the cost is too high, and then however bright the situation turns out, I feel that something is missing. Missing is what choices are about. Surrendering is what choices are all about. Compromise is what choices are all about. Seeing a better person in you is what integrity is all about? Money is not the root of all evil, but the love of it is. Much is required for those who have money and for those who don’t. The vast majority of people can be trained to do any job, career, position, or status in life in order to make money. But, no one can train you to have character, integrity, wholesomeness, or a deeper you to see something better in someone else. Those are the people life is truly searching for and the people life will remember. Will I remember you? Eat well and enjoy life. Oxygen makes you breathe easier. Taking in the full breathe of air can make your lungs explode into knowing that you are alive. Breathe In - Breathe Out and now you know how good it feels to be alive. Is this integrity or is this money? Seeing your child smile or riding a bicycle for the first time. Is this integrity or is this money? The feeling of having someone trust you for the first time. Is this integrity or is this money? Counting your blessings and not your problems. Is this integrity or is this money? Being able to say you are truly sorry. Is this integrity or is this money? Having a hurt feel? Is this integrity or is this money? Being Loved By Another Human Being. Is this integrity or is this money? Vincent J. Lombardi once said “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will” Where does man get his greatest will – In what he can see or what he can not see? For the Love of Money or For the Love of God. The world sees money. But, people see a better you. Have a beautiful wonderful great awesome day. Thank you for lending me your ear today. Thank you I am honored.

This is why I don't read memoirs. I would first like to preface this review by saying I am a huge Sidney Poitier fan. I believe he is not only a fine actor but also a fine man. He is, to me, the epitomy of integrity.I had recently just finished reading The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates, and one of the major complaints about that book is that Moore doesn't seem to understand why his life turned out the way it did and the "Other Wes" turned out differently, even though there seemed to be a lot of key points in both their lives. So I was eager to read this book as Poitier was in his 70s when he wrote this. Here is a man who's lived a long life and has the experience to look back and make theoretical guesses on what paths shaped him.And this book is exactly that. He tells you what he thinks made his life different. But about a third of the way into this book, I realized with a sinking heart, I really didn't care. My mind kept staring off the page as if I was waiting for James Lipton to jump in and offer a better question to turn this "conversation" into something more.The big problem is there is nothing wrong with this book. The writing is sound. The voice is clear. You can practically hear Poitier reading this aloud. And maybe, had I listened to this on audio, the book would have gone down better. It would have felt more like a conversation then.But all I came away with is that Poitier respects his parents, grew up poor, has a huge fear of failure which served as an excellent motivator, and was blessed with an enormous amount of luck--being in the right place at the right time and knowing the right people. And isn't that what life is really like? So maybe that was the problem, there wasn't anything new revealed.Two stars seem wrong. And guilt would have me give it three. (I mean this is Sidney Poitier for goodness sake!) But I'm using the GR's definition that two stars mean it was just "okay". It was not horrible. It was not death to read. This was not Nicholas Sparks meets Snooki. But to say I "liked" this book would be wrong too.I think if you're a fan of Poitier, go get it from the library. The first chapter about Cat Island is worth the effort. Better yet, go get the audio cd and have the perk of hearing Poitier's velvety voice soothe your worries away.
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I had wanted to read this book for quite awhile. I finally had the opportunity and it is a quick read. I was also quite ready to be finished with the book. There were several sections that I found quite interesting because he lived through these events. I think that anyone who is interested in the Hollywood blacklist would get something from his experience. I also liked what he thought of the characters that he played or had been offered. Raisin in the Sun is my favorite all time movie. I saw the movie first and then read the play. I could not imagine Walter Lee Young being played any other way than how Sidney Poiter portrayed him. It blew me away that there had been any type of disagreement. Then there are the points of wisdom that can only come with age. His relationship with his daughter, forgiveness, and his mistakes. I do have to agree that there was a few moments that it was a struggle to finish the book.
Sara E.
This stunning and moving autobiography is a must read. As a long time fan, I was captivated by the story of Sidney Poitier's life. It covers his humble beginnings, his struggles when first in the U.S., his brief stint in the U.S. Army, his acting career, and how U.S. race relations played into all of these things. It also covers heavily on parenthood, taking lessons from his parents, how they shaped him, and how they shaped how he parented his children. This autobiography is mostly in chronological order, but is actually told as story nuggets, so it does jump around some. I highly recommend to anyone, but particularly to Mr. Poitier's fans or classic film buffs.
i am cheating and listening to the audiobook, not reading this. but trust me when i tell you, reading it is not the way to go. and this comes from someone who never does audiobooks. but the book is written like it's just what SP was saying in a conversation with a ghostwriter (who would've/should've then turned around and put it into a much easier to read format!). it's hard to follow and doesn't flow.but the audiobook is great. SP's voice is so soothing and wonderful. such lilt and timbre. i love listening to's like a bedtime story. ;-)
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