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The Men With The Golden Cuffs (2012)

The Men with the Golden Cuffs (2012)

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About book The Men With The Golden Cuffs (2012)

I really think I love an ending with an expected ending. I knew it was Brian, I mean I suspected him out of all though I did suspect the police officers. Doyle was unexpected and I never thought he was involved. With the gunshot thing, I don't know why but I just knew Serena was going to be shot and then she'll be hospitalized and they live happily ever after. Tada! I guessed right! I love the ending and I love a book with substance not just pure sex. The storyline is awesome, there definitely was romance and love. Nice. It's not as good as the first book (about Sean & Grace) plus it seems like everyone who's working in the Taggart-McKay company is a hot-greek-muscled-dominating male.Everyone's just too good-looking and they always end up falling for their clients (Grace.. and in this case, Serena). I feel like I'm reading the same story plot over and over again – but with different characters and situations. Not as impressed although it was quite an interesting plot.

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Different from what I have read but I really enjoyed it.

Love this book. Can't wait for more

loved it and the characters

This is a great read!

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