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The Mighty Miss Malone (2012)

The Mighty Miss Malone (2012)

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About book The Mighty Miss Malone (2012)

Apparently Deza Malone appeared in Curtis' Bud Not Buddy, but it has been a long time since I listened to it, so I do not remember her.I think the picture on the front of this book matches perfectly with the character inside the book. The book opens with Deza and her best friend Clarice finishing their 6th grade school year in Gary Indiana in 1936. We learn that Gary is deep in the depression and Deza's dad cannot find work. The family is poor enough to tolerate bugs in their oatmeal, shoes that have no soles left, no medicine for Deza's older brother, Jimmy, who has stopped growing at 12, three years ago, and no dentistry for Deza. Thank goodness that the mom still has work at the Carsdale's, the family of the town's bank president.Like Curtis'other stories, this one starts off light with much joshing between family members and friends, giving the reader an appreciation for the language and patter of black households of the 30's. The book's turn to a darker story happens when the historical, Joe Lewis loses his boxing match to the German Max Schmeling. Deza's dad, Roscoe, goes out in a small boat on Lake Michigan with three other "negro" dads. A fog comes up on the lake, and not all them men come back. When Roscoe does show up again, he is and is not himself. Things go from bad to worse for the family. The women do the best they can, but end up in a homeless camp just outside of Flint Michigan, then on to Flint itself where Deza can no longer get a grade above a C because of the color or her skin. How can the family live out their motto: We are a family on a journey to a place called Wonderful."?There are some places where the plot moves to a tension or a conclusion before enough work has been done, but still the voice is all heart and the black fictional children can only be found here.This is another Curtis treasure. I recommend reading them all. I loved and adored this novel! I have read other books by the author and always enjoyed them. This book was no different. It was easy to fall into the story of Deza Malone and her family during The Great Depression. I appreciated the historical accuracy of the novel. I also felt that the story while, realistic, kept from crossing the point that might be upsetting or troubling to younger readers. I think the story had a great message about perseverance and the value of family.

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I read this book for school, I'm at chapter 5 and am LOVING it.

i used it for my historical fiction book report

LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just love the book no I DO NOT IT IS POOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—lilly martin

Excellent work of historical fiction. This is the only way I like to learn about history.

I liked it. It was a good story about things were during the Great Depression.

i think this book sends a great message

loved it!

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