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The Miracle Life Of Edgar Mint (2012)

The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint (2012)

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About book The Miracle Life Of Edgar Mint (2012)

I saw a lot of mixed reviews about this book, but I liked it a good bit. It’s not quite a four star effort, but if I could, I would give it three and a half stars. Far from high art, it’s neither ground breaking or innovative, it’s just a good, absorbing story, a fun summer read. The book starts off with the (anti)hero, the titular Edgar Mint, at the age of seven getting his head run over by a mail jeep, and chronicles his (mis)adventures from there, mostly focusing on the 8 or so years after the head-squishing incident. Edgar’s tale is populated by various misfits of greater and lesser malevolence, and while much of it is funny, it is a decidedly black humor. There are some imperfections – if you are being picky, the story’s timelines don’t always seem to jibe, the middle section when Edgar is at school drags a bit (as do the graphic descriptions of the countless ways that pre-teen boys devise for being vicious and sadistic with one another), and parts of it are beyond improbable. I know I am suspending my disbelief, but I can’t altogether banish it, so work with me here. I found the end of the book the biggest letdown. Rushed and 100% unbelievable, it didn’t follow with the tone and pace of the preceding majority of the book. However, even though the end seems like an ill-conceived afterthought, it didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the book overall. As long as you don’t expect great things from Edgar Mint, you can shrug over the disappointing ending, but still enjoy this book for what it is: a funny, light read with a wicked sense of humor. I recommend it, as long as you keep your expectations moderate. This was a weird book. At different points, I actively disliked it and had to force myself to pick it up to read another chapter. Don't get me wrong, the story itself is fascinating...I honestly have no idea how the author made this one up...but in my opinion it was disturbingly sad and depressing. The book ends on a happier note, thank goodness but still, a week after finishing, I'm still thinking about it. Definitely an interesting book even if I am glad it's over.

Do You like book The Miracle Life Of Edgar Mint (2012)?

A bittersweet story that includes some unexpectedly heartwarming characters.

Good read. A bit depressing, but interesting twist at the end.

Tragedy, humor, good writing... worth reading.

A wonderful story of survival and friendship.

That was painful. But beautiful.

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