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The Mostly True Adventures Of Homer P. Figg (2009)

The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg (2009)

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0439668182 (ISBN13: 9780439668187)
The Blue Sky Press

About book The Mostly True Adventures Of Homer P. Figg (2009)

Throughout the month of November I read a funny and interesting book called The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg. The book was a mixture of historical facts and humorous text. The start of the story begins like this; Homer and his older brother Harold live in a old town in Maine in 1863. They live with their Uncle who is very mean towards his nephews. Their Uncle sells Harold into the Union army so he doesn’t have to enlist. Homer is very upset with this so he runs away to find Harold. On the journey he meets many people and encounters various problems, but he eventually finds his brother at the Battle of Gettysburg. During the story Homer meets a man who owns a hot air balloon. This makes me wonder whether the civil war advanced technology. Even though the civil war was bad because it killed thousands of people, the civil war also made advancements in medicine, industry, and machinery. Further more, the civil war also created deadlier weapons and warfare, but if you look past the dark aspects. The civil war helped create modern life today. If you like history and comedy then you would love this book. This book is not too challenging and pretty short, so this is a good book if you want a quick book to read. If you want to know the basic’s of the civil war in a fun easy to read book, then this could be a good resource because it includes some important facts of the conflict. Finally, I would recommend this book to everyone who likes history and 3.5 stars 2010 Newbery Medal Honor bookHistorical fiction set in the early 1860's when an orphaned 12 year-old boy, Homer P. Figg, and his 17 year-old brother from Maine, through a series of unfortunate events find themselves in the Union Army at the Battle of Gettysburg. The story is interesting, but the tall tales get a bit long-winded and I found myself quickly tired of them and wanting to skip ahead.

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This was a cute book, a boy with an imagination for storytelling.

Interesting, but could have ended a lot sooner than it did.

Great introduction for Thomas about the Civil War.

Cute. My kids loved it!

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