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The Mystery Of The Strange Bundle (2003)

The Mystery of the Strange Bundle (2003)
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The Mystery Of The Strange Bundle (2003)
The Mystery Of The Strange Bundle (2003)

About book: (Written as a 10 year old - again!) I've discovered the secret of increasing the number of books on my read list - read children's books! I must have read this as a child but I don't remember it. Having a cook, maid, gardener etc makes being a parent and looking after a house sound so much easier! I loved the way the children worked together and worked out the mystery - and I found myself wanting to finish the book to find out what did happen. I hope my niece has more of this series on her bookshelf! I'm off to watch the programme about Enid's life ....

Praj wrote: "NK you made me one happy soul! Blyton was one of my best summer companion during my schooling days and kept me out of trouble :)"Same for me. I used to spend the summer our ancestral home; there is a tree in front with a four-way forked branch, just perfect for reading. I used spend the mornings up there with a book. :)
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