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The Mystery Of The Vanished Prince (1996)

The Mystery of the Vanished Prince (1996)
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0749719834 (ISBN13: 9780749719838)
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The Mystery Of The Vanished Prince (1...
The Mystery Of The Vanished Prince (1996)

About book: I only found the last part of the book anywhere near interesting although i cant complain since the book was intended to be a children's book and it would be unjust to judge it as a bad work.But even then nothin really interested me to keep reading the book except the desire to finish it and be done with the series.The plot if seperated frm the book could be a good one.There were some instances where i laughed.But generally there was no momentum untill the last chapters and the repetition of sentences and incidents from the other series is irritating and stale.For those who want to know the story line:The so called 'mystery' in this book is the dissapearance of a Prince Bongawee of the Tetura state from a campsite where he camped.The find outers as usual gets 'mixed up',in this strange and seemingly puzzling case, when they decide to dress up as the prince's imaginary sister to fool Ern.From the moment the news of the missing is known, the find outers along with Goon enter into investigation and finally they hand over the kidnappee(hope such a word exists) to police.
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