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The Narrow Path (2000)

The Narrow Path (2000)

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142670237X (ISBN13: 9781426702372)
Abingdon Press

About book The Narrow Path (2000)

I think this was really more like 3.5 stars for me. I would probably have rounded up if there had been a little more faith involved. As it stands, it's probably amongst the least Christian books I've read in this genre - most of it coming from the setting and the background of one of the characters.That said, it was well-written. Plots from this genre (light Christian romances) tend to be relatively predictable and their charm is in the gentle development of the characters, how each learns to adjust and change to the circumstances, and of course how the romance comes about. Miranda Klassen is a Mennonite from Seattle who travels to a small Minnesota town to work with a Mennonite congregation to create and produce a play that will celebrate both Christmas and the congregation's anniversary. She will be living in Piney Meadows, MN for almost a full year in order to do so.Ted Wiebe has driven the three hours in winter weather to pick up Miranda from the Minneapolis airport. He is expecting a woman who dresses and acts like the women in his congregation back in Piney Meadows. Miranda is not that woman. She is wearing jeans and obviously prefers the color red. And she is not dressed for Minnesota in the winter.So begins a clash of cultures and . . .

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I read this when it was a free book for Kindle... I really enjoyed this book

This was such a fun read. I really enjoyed it.

Cute story but it really needed an epilogue!

did not hold my attention nor interest

So far this book is great!

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