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The Natural Superiority Of Women (1999)

The Natural Superiority of Women (1999)

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About book The Natural Superiority Of Women (1999)

So I was totally skeptical of this book. I mean the title is pretty in your face and the one I read (which my awesome husband bought me, I think partly as a joke) was super dated (it’s the second edition, so was published in 1953) but I LOVED it! It was really, really interesting and doesn’t argue that women don’t need men or anything extremely radical like that, in fact, it argues against women trying to be like men and notes that the greatest achievement and most creative endeavor is to bear and raise children, the first of which only women can do. It spent a lot of time dispelling common myths regarding feminine and masculine traits/characteristics and if you have ever wondered about differences between the sexes this book is for you. If you’re still not convinced, he starts the book by noting that the truly superior person doesn’t feel the need to lord it over anyone but that this is something only inferior people do in order to feel superior (see page 10). And although it may come off as cheesy and idealistic at the end he says: “The best way of remaking the world is not by changing the world but by changing the people who make the world the kind of place it is, by making human beings out of people” (page 189-190) and how women have constantly been involved in this task. If you've ever suffered from an inferiority complex and are a woman READ THIS BOOK!

I haven't seen this edition, and would like to, but I have an older edition.A lot of people don't know that 'Ashley Montagu' was actually his surname. Not sure what the first names were--the initials were M F.There's a concept of intellectual genaeology. Montagu was taught by people of Franz Boas' generation, and taught many in the generations after. In the acknowledgements to The Mismeasure of Man, Stephen Jay Gould comments that genes may be selfish, but there can be no gene for selfishness, and specifically thanks Ashley Montagu for critiquing and correcting the manuscript.

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I strongly urge all women to read this book, and men to. Do not let the title mislead you. It is not at all what you think. I found it very informative, empowering and gave me ammunition to deal with the stresses of life as a woman in this world. This would help men to correct how they see/treat women, and as a result save the people of this world from themselves. I am convinced; that should things remain as they are in our so called 'civilized societies', the people of this world shall never become 'human', and thereby, inevitably doomed. Read this book with an open mind, and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

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