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The Naturals (2013)

The Naturals (2013)

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1423168232 (ISBN13: 9781423168232)

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This book started out a little immature and a little un-believable....but the more I read, the more I got caught up in the storyline. Sure there's a little teenage "drama", but Jennifer skillfully adds in enough "adult" drama to make it exciting. The small excerpts where Jennifer parts with the storyline and speaks from the killers end makes it so that you want to skip to the end to see who the killer is and how he/she is apprehended! And see how the loose ends all tie together....and this ending does not disappoint, with a mix of twists that take place all within the space of 5 mins....or however long it takes you to read the last 15 or so pages! Excellent ending and excellent story!! This book is quite literally the shit. I picked it up in an Asheville Barnes and Nobles and bought it on a whim. But OHMYGAWD was this book worth the read or what?! This book didn't have mny problems, there were a few things that i didn't like, but they were low key so no big deal. The one big problem I had with this story was the romance between Casie, Michael, and Dean. This thing that happens in almost every single young adult book ever happens. The inevitable love triangle. I mean its just like wah?This triangle wasn't even necessary really. I personally vote for the CassiexDean, but hey that's me and personally I think that Dean really needs Cassie, Michael doesn't need her.All in all this book was great and I recommend it to all of my friends and anyone who asks.

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Interesting plot, good characters, nice twist at the end. Looking forward to reading the next one.

This book was so good. Super original - I haven't read anything like it. I highly recommend it.

i liked it except the face cutting ! LOLit was well written!

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