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The Navy Seal's Promise (2012)

The Navy Seal's Promise (2012)

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About book The Navy Seal's Promise (2012)

This was a short, sweet, endearing story. Two military people meet on a flight. Connecting flight gets canceled due to weather. Woman needs to get home to see her son on her 2 days leave. Man promises to get her there. There's some sexy moments, some sweet moments, and ones to make you smile. This is worth taking time to curl up with a blanket on a Sunday afternoon and read. There's nothing overtly deep to it, nothing to make you go, WOW, it's just short and simple. United States Army Corporal Saskia Cullen has 48 hours leave, just enough time to spend Christmas with her son. The problem is that she's snowed in and it looks as if she won't make it home on time. Her knight in shining armor is the sexy Luke Gray that she meets on her plane. He knows what her life is like because he's a Navy Seal. He makes her a promise that he'd get her home in time for Christmas dinner, calling in a favor to make it happen. On the way, they find they have a lot in common and they seem like kindred spirits. Though the story was short, it was a lovely read and I found it sweet and sensual. We have two people that have endured their own kinds of loss. They have a chemistry that heats up the pages and I found the speed in which it happen, very plausible between these two characters. The question is can they work things out? Read to find out, it's worth it.

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Corto, tierna, entretenida, divertida y dulce historia.

Cute short read for Christmas romance

Romantic quick read.

Very cute story.

Cute and short

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