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The Norman Conquest (2012)

The Norman Conquest (2012)

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I enjoy history, military history and the study of it because of the value in teaching future generations of military personal general ideas and giving them perspective. This book is a true history book in that it is rather dry and boring. I feel the author may have benifited if he had focused more on creating a flowing naritive rather then recounting what multiple primary sources said and how what they said varied. I learned much on a subject I knew little about so in that sense this was a great book, I just wish the manner in which the author conveyed the history to the reader had been better organized. LOVED THIS BOOK!!! So awesome. First half covers the politics and characters prior to the Conquest, and second half covers the conquest and afterwards. Fascinating story and people. I knew very little about the Conquest, but now I feel like I have a good understanding of what it was and the part it has played in history. The author's inclusion of the pros and cons (for lack of a better term) of the Conquest were extremely interesting. As bad as it was in some ways, it also had definite advantages for England, and in consequence because England became such an influential power, on the world. Highly recommended if you have any interest in this time period.

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I really enjoyed this book. A straight forward look at the conquest and its aftermath.

Thought I knew something about the Norman Conquest, but I had no idea! Fascinating!!

couldn't even finish the audio version

Great book. Very readable.


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