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The Nourisher (2011)

The Nourisher (2011)

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1554877989 (ISBN13: 9781554877980)
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5/10not sure how the guy went from very successful lawyer to spider lover (sorry - spider's lover) in about five seconds :|If I was to be hugged by the giant spider i would shit myself....even if they were kind race >>i would give less stars, but i kind of liked that stuff happened.....lots of stuff :I..or maybe its because i procastinate and should be learning for exams, not reading spider romance :I Let me start by saying that everyone has their kink. I get that. And for Mark Alders, I guess that kink is 4 meter tall spiders. It however, is not my kink and I cant really help but be mildly repulsed by it. Not to mention, I really don't like the name Vernon either.I got about 20% through it befkre I had to stop reading. Not only was the whole alien spider thing a bit tooweird for me, I found myself hating Drake. The voice this book is written in reminds me completely of one Anastasia Steele. No, really.Honestly, I would rather force myself through the entire 50 Shades trilogy a hundred times than read the rest of this book. At least Mr. Grey is human.

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Surprising plot and characters. Not what I expected but nice read.

I liked it. Even if I hate spiders I liked this book.


3.5 stars

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