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The Officer Says "I Do" (2012)

The Officer Says

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About book The Officer Says "I Do" (2012)

I have to say this was a cute quick read.Skye is a restaurant manager out for the evening with her friends. She was raised in a commune and is a vegetarian. She believes in Fate and also in being in the moment. Tim is a Marine.... born... bred... raised a Marine. He is out on a last pre-deployment leave with his buddies in Vegas. After being on great behavior the entire trip he finally lets his guard down and starts playing blackjack with a great winning streak. He is also drinking heavily although he doesn't show it to those who do not know it well. While drunk and in a moment of pure craziness, he meets and then makes out with Skye. In the middle of this heavy kissing session behind a potted plant he asks her to marry him and she not only accepts... they go do the whole quickie Vegas wedding. The morning after leads to him leaving her without saying goodbye and heading back to base. She tracks him down and the fun ensues.I loved this book and am looking forward to the additional stories along with more glimpses of Skye and Tim. They really do seem to be a good match in that she brings him out of his shell and he brings a needed grounding to her personality and life.You will find yourself frustrated at times because like most conflicts... they could be resolved if the two would just talk to one another but in this case I think it was easier to understand because they truly did not know one another.Thanks to and Sourcebooks Casablanca for providing this to me in exchange for my honest review. Formally titled Honor Bound, The Officer Says I do is a new series by Jeanette Murray. Skye is a free spirit who believes in Fate when it comes to life decisions. Tim is an OCD Marine who likes to make his own decisions in life with no belief if Fate or Destiny. Put the two people together in a marriage and you have the cliche of opposites attract. To be honest, this was just an okay book to me. Yes, it has some hot scenes in it, but nothing too over the top. I think the main thing that bugged me was the way the two meet and make it to the alter. If Tim is such a person to where order, routine and seriousness is all he lives for, then the way he gets drunk and marries Skye a few hours after meeting her was totally out of character for him. I also wasn't a fan of him not even remembering that he got married but he was able to remember the sex on the wedding night. It didn't seem in character with what the author was wanting Tim to be portrayed as.I didn't have a serious connection with the characters either. If I had to pick one character that made the book enjoyable it would be Tim's sister, Madison. I really enjoyed her character and reading about her more than I did Skye. I can definitely tell who is going to be the future couple for the next book. I would say that this is more of a pass-the-time book instead of an engaging read to keep you up all night. It is interesting enough to read between chores and other books, but not one that kept me up until 2am to read the outcome of the last chapter. I will give the second book a chance in the hopes that now that the story base is set up, the rest will fall into place with the next couple.

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Cute book. I'm more interested in Jeremy's story though.

Enjoyed this read...even the cliched ending.

3 1/2*

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