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The One I Love (2010)

The One I Love (2010)

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1844881903 (ISBN13: 9781844881901)

About book The One I Love (2010)

After taking a break from reading, this book was the perfect book to start me off on my reading adventure again. The title would suggest that it is about Alexandra, and it is to an extent. But the real story involves the other characters and what they go through while trying to find Alexandra. Really the character Alexandra is just a catalyst to pull all of the other characters together. Not to say that Alexandra isn't part of the plot, because the entire book revolves around finding her, but she's not part of the main stories. A good story with a mix of characters and there lives. So glad I am reading again ☺️ Decent book, if just a little long. I am glad Alexandra's ultimate fate is revealed (kind of), but it would have been fine for the story to have done it much earlier as the book is not even about her disappearance, except peripherally. It is about her friends and family and their lives and relationships, and how they are affected by her disappearance. I was expecting a little more suspense and mystery, which disappointed me, but the interpersonal saga does somewhat make up for it.

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Not as good as McPartlin's other books.

Just so so. Expected more...

Good story but a little slow


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