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The Only Easy Day (2012)

The Only Easy Day (2012)
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The Only Easy Day (2012)
The Only Easy Day (2012)

About book: 2nd Read: 10/10/123rd Read 11/2/13Now THIS is what I'm talking about! This book was better than the first. Everything I didn't like about in the first book was done perfectly in this one: The hate/like/love relationship between Joseph and Dale was slow-building, the plot was engaging and filled with suspense. I LOVED that the older, wiser and bigger Dale like being dominated by the younger, smaller and VERY aggressive Joseph GRRRRRRRR. And I also loved how it ended with both going their separate ways doing their respective jobs after saying they were falling for each other but making promises to see each other again. I was wondering how RJ was going to end it realistically. It's not like Joseph could just quit the SEALS and stay with Dale. So they way they left things was perfect and hopefully we'll get to see them reunited in the future. I enjoyed reading this book, but what I liked the most actually the ending. Yes, like other reviewers, I'd like to see them sharing more screen time a bit longer. Yet, I like the way it is because they're both still in the prime age of their career, and both are devoted to their respective job. Making them leaving their job (or one of them resigning from his current one) to be together wouldn't have been realistic. Just like Derrick has Emily, now Joseph has Dale waiting at home when they are in the states.
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I liked this like the others in this series too short for me betas a quick read its nice.
While the plot was interesting, the love story seemed rushed and secondary.
3.5 stars
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