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The Other Boy (2008)

The Other Boy (2008)

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About book The Other Boy (2008)

I enjoyed the middle of the book the most, the ending seemed a tad bit rushed. David's description isn't that accurate in the summary, he never disliked her friends, just her BOYfriend. I really enjoyed reading about Napa. Abbott has been a favourite of mine, just can't say this is one of my favourite by her. It's never took this long for me to finish a read. (Don't ask why, even I don't know.) Overall, I can say, it's a good summer read, one that shouldn't be at the top or bottom of your list! More like 3.5 stars . First of all this book had the most annoying female protagonist known to man I did not like her especially at the end . David was a very sweet guy he was for the most part swoon worthy not at all times but mostly yes there were a lot of cute scenes in the book. He was a little too goofy at times . I loved the description of the vineyard . This book was completely plot driven for sure even though I prefer character driven I think this book would have been stronger if it was. The writing style was very babyish to me especially towards the end . I loved being in Maddys head despite not liking her but other than that the writing style was not very good. The strongest point of the book? How drawn out maddy and David's personalities were especially David you could tell she took a lot of time on their personalities . I felt like her parents were just there I felt like they had no purpose and took up a lot of the stories time. This book was cute . The setting was unique since its based on a vineyard which you don't see a lot . But it's nothing special the romance was nothing special . At the end it made me think well David is crazy for her but is maddy? Because she treated him like crap at the end she came back to her spoiled bratty self at the end and confirmed every misconception David had about her since day one. I felt like some of the things maddy said and did really made her hard to be likable . She really ruined the book for me. Usually annoying female protagonists dont get under my skin but she definetly annoyed me to no end I just wanted to reach in the book and slap her for some of the things she did and said. In the middle when she was turning humble I started to like her then towards the end it was like BAM she ruined it she acted ATROCIOUS toward David . David was the only character I liked in the entire book. Anyways do I reccomend this? Yes if you're looking for a light hearted cute contemporary romance but if you're looking for something with depth and reason and great developed writing style and a strong female protagonist I'm going to have to say I don't think so .

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this bok is about confusion love and very sweet it was a good read!

Sooo good. loved the way Maddy's personality changed.

I'm bored. Moving on.

Cute teen romance.

3.5 stars

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