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The Pact (2003)

The Pact (2003)
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The Pact (2003)
The Pact (2003)

About book: Ok, here's the thing. I would give this 2.5 stars, but definitely couldn't round it up to 3. I appreciate the overall theme: perseverance and pulling oneself up from metaphorical bootstraps. I really do think it's a valuable idea for people to explore through individual stories of success like this one. However, there are so many things in this book that prompted me to have to literally have to restrain myself from throwing it in the ocean on multiple vacation occasions. Firstly, the organization was horrendous. I'm a professional "reader," if you will, and even I found myself going, "wait, what?" on way too many occasions. I realize these doctors are not writers, but that's what editors are for. One Dr would be telling a story about an event that happened in this life and in the very next paragraph he's recounting an event that occurred years later. No page break, no transition, zip. Other sections would be discussing one deep philosophical realization one of the men had, and in the next paragraph he's recounting an event totally unrelated. This jumpiness made the story confusing, and it should have been more carefully laid out in its chronology. Allusions to later (or earlier) events are one thing, but it's almost as though the men, while telling their stories, had constant ADD, as though in mid-story they had the "oh, and by the way..." method of telling a story. I have friends like that, and it takes them forever to get a point across. That's why I don't let them tell stories. Finally, (see, that's an example of a transition fellas) I really didn't feel that the element of luck was properly addressed here. One of the boys in particular repeatedly makes the wrong choices, knowingly, and succeeds in his efforts to become a doctor by sheer luck. These things include violence, anger, and therefore arrests. The stars aligned and he wound up with no consequences. Lucky him, but those 2nd and 3rd chances don't usually happen in life. Your decisions determine your path in life, as much as that may suck, it's reality. I took serious issue with how lightly these issues were touched upon, and felt there was some serious space for a teachable moment there. This isn't to say that's not something I can do in my own classroom, but the fact remains that 13-16 year old kids see the world differently; they already think they're indestructible and that failing grades mean nothing, that they're good enough to play in the NBA, that skipping class and refusing to do work for years on end won't affect their dreams of becoming a lawyers and doctors. When they read this book and see how the world just up and gave this boy unlimited chances, they're going to see that luck as a given. Unfortunately, some of them may find out too late that it just doesn't work that way. We have to work for what we become.

The Pact is a remarkable and inspiring memoir, tells a story of 3 African American doctors, Dr. Sampson Davis, Dr. Rameck Hunt, and Dr. George Jenkins, who overcame a difficult and dangerous life in the streets as kids and teens. Through a lot of hard work, they were able to overcome life threatening obstacles and achieve their golden dreams. The 3 doctors went to high school together in the mid-80’s and created a pact to attend medical school together. The story starts off with each doctor talking about their childhood, they talked about what family lived with them, and how they met the others. At first the 3 weren’t the best buddies but then on they realized they had similar lives and that they relate on so many levels. Their lives on the streets were harsh. George includes that, "Sometimes it felt surreal, walking past the drunks, dealers, and addicts on my way home from dental school with a pile of books." With no money, they managed to attend Seton hall, universities and get impressing grades at the same time. The 3 authors tell stories of how they got in trouble by the law and their bad times back at home. Rameck says, "On the streets where I grew up, you didn't worry about consequences. If someone disrespected you, you beat his ass. Period," They 3 explained how they had to avoid the bad people and how hard it was. They also tell the readers how others around them died in shootings and murders. The 3 pulled through together as one, helping each other and going to each other when things went down. This book proves that there are no excuses, no matter what, even if you had a drug addict of a mom (Rameck), even if your mom and dad had a abusive relationship (Sam), even if your dad left you and your family (George), or even if you lived in the projects of Newark, NJ like these 3 authors.This book had really changed my outlook on school and hardwork. These 3 men really proved that hard work really does pay off in the long run. This phenomenal story can possibly change someone’s life and possibly induce your hard work for school with their inspiration. I give a round of applause for these 3 doctors for sticking it out and achieving their goals. It is more accessible to deal drugs and make a lot of money than to go to college, medical school, and get actual qualified jobs with real earned money.
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The Pact, a spectacular book that motivated me to be able to overcome any obstacles in life and being able to achieve it no matter what the odds are. The three young men Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt grew up in the projects with a big dream, to all become Doctors. They formed a pact when they meet in high school that they are going to stick together through school and become doctors no matter what it takes. They all had to deal with the temptations of drugs that go on in their neighborhoods, having trouble with paying for college and being arrested just for their skin color. I love the way the authors wrote the book and put you in first person while reading it. One example is when Rameck hunt says “On the streets where i grew up, you didn't worry about consequences. If someone disrespects you, you beat his ass. period,” They really put you in their place showed you what they had to go through where they had to live.The Pact was a well written easy to read book. The way every chapter was their story and how they lived. Its was not crammed all together and it was easier to understand each of their lives and it was easier for me to connect to the authors and relate to them. This book was truly amazing, inspiring and a must read.
The memoir The Pact by Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt, is a well written, non fiction novel, which takes place in Newark, New Jersey. This memoir is about three young african american best friends, who pursue their dreams of all becoming doctors some day. Throughout the book all three teens meet each other in high school, becoming best of friends. The teens join together to make a pact that they will all become doctors and they would ignore all the negative things that come at them in their lives.The Pact is a very superior book it is strongly drafted and well organized book about three friends wanting to become doctors. Although each of the authors were living in a bad environment, they all influenced each other is always moving forward and ignoring all the negative vibes in there life. For three friends living on a place where there is a lot of violence, drugs, and gangs, they all graduated from high school with really good grades.Each chapter is written in a different authors perspective, which helps the book all come together at the end. This is a good uplifting memoir for teenagers who are having a lot of hard times in their and lives and think that they can't make it in life. This memoir shows them that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it and anyone can overcome any obstacle no matter what's going on in their lives. It unexpectedly inspiring to me, even though I like more fiction books than non fiction books, it really inspired me to go after my dreams and not let anything stop me.Anyone that reads this book is going to love it, they will know that anything is possible.
The Pact by Drs.Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt is an inspiring book about three men and their life as teenagers and how they achieved their dream after struggling through life. It goes through all three of their lives and all of the objectives they went through to become what they are today. My favorite part of the book to me was when they were all young and they described what they did as a kid because it reminded me of myself. I would hang out with my friends and would always try to hang out with kids older than me so i could be cool. All three of them had someone who they admired all throughout their lives like their grandmother or mother. To me my dad has been an important person in my life and will always be. This book could have an a big impact on the reader depending who is reading the book. The book did have a big impact on me because it shows that if you try really hard and dedicate yourself you could accomplish anything you want. The authors had obstacles in their way but overcame all of them.This book was well written and easy to read. The three authors did a good job in getting all three of their lives in one book and how they structured it. Each paragraph was about an important part of each of their lives. That made it easier to read and understand because they never mixed or talked about both of them in a paragraph. I would recommend this book to other people who would like to get motivated.
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