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The Panther. By Nelson DeMille (2012)

The Panther. by Nelson DeMille (2012)
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The Panther. By Nelson DeMille (2012)
The Panther. By Nelson DeMille (2012)

About book: Nelson DeMille is probably my 3rd or 4th favorite author. I've read 5 of his books and have enjoyed them all.I picked up 'The Panther' with high expectations. My expectations were not only met but far surpassed.What can I say? He is the master. He tells great compelling stories. The Panther has numerous plot twists and turns. You have the primary storyline (the capture or assassination of The Panther) as well as underlying themes (who to trust? Are John and Kate being set-up?)I totally connected and "felt" for all the characters. Some have said that DeMille took John Corey's sarcasm too far. I totally disagree. This is DeMille's style and this is the character John Corey is.If I was forced to find fault with one area it is this (and not really a fault.) I will say that in all of his books I've read, they do start a bit slow> I've read MayDay, Plum Island, Spencerville, Night Fall and Wild Fire. The Panther, like those, does not really GRAB you from page one. However, by the time you get to page 50 or 60, you're hooked.This was a great book by a talented storyteller. It was 619 pages---and I wished it was longer.Mr. DeMille---keep it up DeMille always delivers. Lo-o-ng book. Wisecracking ex-NYC police John Corey and his very serious wife, FBI agent Kate Mayfield, are sent to Yemen to find an Al Qaeda operative who calls himself The Panther. He is suspected of masterminding the USS Cole attack, and is known to be extremely dangerous. Corey has been to Yemen before and hated it, knows how dangerous a place it is, but Kate is ambitious and patriotic and would go without him, so off they go, with no real instructions or support. There is so much detail, it feels very authentic and very real. Definitely not politically correct or admiring of Yemenis in particular, but Middle Easterners in general, and there were no exceptions, which I found uncomfortable. Also could have been a lot shorter, there was lots of repetition.
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4 stars is a gift, but he is a good writer and it is a fun read because of his humor. Plot typical.
Very clever writing. The story got a little far fetched at times, but it was a fun story.
Love the characters, but the plot was lacking.
I read this after Bill o'Riley recommended it
Not his best work
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