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The Parasol Protectorate, Volume 1 (2000)

The Parasol Protectorate, Volume 1 (2000)

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About book The Parasol Protectorate, Volume 1 (2000)

I’d put this series squarely in the very entertaining poolside read category. It’d also work well on an airplane. Since I read this series as a bundle and it’s hard for me to separate the story arc into the different novels, I’ll put my review this way—if you like (or tolerate) at least three of the items from this list and haven’t already succumbed to soulless person, werewolf, or vampire-related burnout, you’ll like this series:1. Steampunk.2. The Importance of Being Earnest. (George Bernard Shaw plays would be an acceptable substitute as well.)3. The phrase “flaccid dirigibles”. 4. Ugly hats.5. Unexpected public nakedness .I rather wish that GoodReads supported graphics, because a venn diagram would work perfectly here. You can read my review on each book independently through their personal links. I did buy the series in the collection of 1-3 and also 4 all at once. I really appreciated having book 3 around at the end of 2 as there is a bit of a cliff hanger. It was also nice to have all three books in a row in 1 book on my reader so I didn't have to switch them out at any point. I get confused sometimes if I don't have the computer right next to me to tell me which is next in the series when the names are so similar. It's a pita to get up at 11pm to see what the order is. It was a great value for the quantity and quality of books. I loved the dry humor, the dimensional characters and the premise of the novels. All and all, quite a good buy.

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Loved the first two the third which I was looking most forward to was okay.

Took me a while to get into it. The third book has been my favorite

Some romance, some action, some humor -- fun reads.

Awesome book!!!

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