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The Paris Enigma. Pablo De Santis (2007)

The Paris Enigma. Pablo de Santis (2007)

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About book The Paris Enigma. Pablo De Santis (2007)

An intriguing mystery, with one of the most intelligently crafted plots I've read in a long time. Mostly set in Paris in 1889. At first the narrator is much like an interesting stranger who sits in front of the fireplace with us, telling us his story. The reader enters a unique, sometimes dark world. The book is translated from the Spanish, which I'm sure adds to the feeling of other-worldliness. The author had me guessing until the last page. Set against the backdrop of the 1889 World's Fair, The Paris Enigma actually begins in Argentina, where our protagonist Sigmundo Salvatrio becomes an assistant to famed detective Renaldo Craig. A founding member of the 12 Detectives, a society of the greatest detectives in the world, Craig initially plans to travel to Paris where the group will put on an exhibition as part of the Fair. But after the bizarre murder of one of Craig's proteges renders Craig a recluse, Sigmundo is sent to Paris in his mentor's place.Upon arrival, Sigmundo finds himself caught in the whirlwind of preparations for the World's Fair. Moreover, he discovers the 12 Detectives society is fraught with discord and power struggles. The plot thickens when one of their own mysteriously falls to his death from the unfinished Eiffel Tower. Sigmundo is quickly promoted to apprentice to the famed detective Viktor Arzaky... but will they solve the mystery before another member is killed? A great, quick read with an exciting historical context, Pablo de Santis creates a memorable depiction of 1889 Paris and an imaginative mystery to boot.

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Requires some thinking, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Too brooding - stopped after about 100 pages

#46 for 2008. In English, of course.

Not what you expect. Twice.

Read it.

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