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The Paris Wife (2011)

The Paris Wife (2011)
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The Paris Wife (2011)
The Paris Wife (2011)

About book: This was one of the most enjoyable books I've ever read and it totally absorbed me. Paula McLain writes beautifully. While I read I did some research and often had to remind myself that it was actually a novel and not a biography. It is a book I really recommend. Her description of places and people make it all so real! As a writer myself, I can imagine how much fun (but also hard work) this novel must have been while she went about it. Maybe this book will appeal to Jodi Picot fans, another author I can't get excited about. The reader must follow the life of a young woman with a weak will on a series of adventures led by her younger husband, Ernest Hemingway, who demonstrates aggressive goals and assertive personality traits from the onset. Ernest is the powerhouse in contrast to her being the little woman behind the great man . One can only take so much of this approach though I liked the chapters about the first trips to the bullfights and the "real events" that inspired the Sun Also Rises. For this reason I gave it 3stars.
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a fascinating chronicle of Ernest Hemmingway and his book The Sun Also Rises
A great book that really captures the sense of Paris in the years after WW1.
Was supposed to read a different book for book club....but this was good.
Oh Hadley, what a life lived. Loved this book.
Very good read. Loved the point of view.
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