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The Patrimony (1980)

The Patrimony (1980)
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0451118154 (ISBN13: 9780451118158)
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The Patrimony (1980)
The Patrimony (1980)

About book: (There are 18 books, and I read until Book 10, Bili the Axe)I read a bunch of these books, and eventually I got bored of it, but man, what a ride. The story is set in a post-apocalypse world. Everything has gone wrong, from nuclear warfare to plagues, so nothing remains from our time. This new world is run by barbarians and swords. In the new world, there are a few changes. Some clans have the ability to mindspeak to a few select animals, such as big cats (which are more like panthers), and a select few have the power of immortality. Such as our main character, the Undying High Lord Milo!Milo starts up as a small clan leader, and eventually his clan starts growing bigger as the novels progress.The series is a manly fantasy story with none of the silly dancing elves stuff. Every few pages, someone gets either killed or raped, and the good guys usually are responsible for both. There isn’t a really strong plot or characters to speak off, but if you have to want to pretend you are a man and raping some villagers and chopping off heads, then it can be fun.
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