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The People Next Door (2011)

The People Next Door (2011)
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The People Next Door (2011)
The People Next Door (2011)

About book: Some good aspects, changing perspectives from different characters, with a mysterious flashback thrown in here and there, a promising plot builds as we get to know the family and the problems they are facing. Unfortunately, not quite enough to draw from the run of the mill movie clichés, and at times a confusing array of names and characters. Annoyingly the descriptions of the main characters didn't happen until too far into the story and felt a bit disjointed, a shame as some of the descriptions of other aspects were brilliantly vivid. A clever idea with a fairly good twist which I admit I didn't see coming, gripping enough to finish but not one I'll be pushing for others to read in a hurry Couldn't finish it. I found it was dragged out, the supposed "tension" was non-existent and the twist at the end which I skipped to was the conclusion I had come to all along. Very disappointing because I find with Christopher Ransom the premise of the novel is always good, it has potential to be a good gripping story but when it comes down to it the execution just isn't up to it. I don't think I'll waste my time with this author again, life's too short to read bad books!
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Don't bother. No, really. The blurb and spooky cover will tempt you but you mustn't give in.
I couldn't finish it. SO boring...
A dreadful book. Don't read it...
Well that was stupid.....
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