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The Perfect Distraction (2000)

The Perfect Distraction (2000)

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About book The Perfect Distraction (2000)

I found myself being pulled into this story from the start. This is such an emotional story. Right before Kate’s senior year of high school her boyfriend, Kyle, broke up with her right so he could lead the single life at college. After a year Kyle realized he made a mistake and wanted Kate back. Kate was set on going to college single. First we meet the girls, Maggie, Kelly, Jenna, Lynn, and Quinn along with one of the guys Derek they all go to a party and meet Marco and Blue Eye (Reed Harper). Derek puts the moves on Kate but Kate plays the just friends card. Then there was Marco that was trying to gain her attention. When she first meets Blue Eye’s she is very interested but he is too busy mackin’ on her friends at the moment. Then she see’s Blue Eye’s at the tennis courts and they start a flirty friendship over a few games. When things are going good for Kate her past comes back into the present. Kate and Kyle had an on and off relationship for a while until Kate decided it was done. I cannot say much more about this or I will give the entire plot away and I refuse to do spoilers, but this is where the OH my goodness I cannot believe this is happening, a few tears fell, and the WHY this happening begins for me. I absolutely fell in love with Kate, Reed, Maggie, and Marco. I hated the way this book ended; I totally get why it ended the way it did, but man did it tear my heart out. I am so itching to start reading the next book to find out what happens next. As a side note, I really want to read more about Marco he is just so Yummy. Favorite Quote: “You can breathe, Kate: I’m not going to kiss you…yet.” We meet Katherine and start to learn about the struggles she has endured. She moves onto college and struggles to find herself and her place in life. Things are going well for her and then she goes home for a visit and an ex boyfriend comes home and wants to talk to her. From there Katherine struggles with the decision to go back to the past and see where things go with her ex or to move on to her future, with the intriguing guy at college. I really enjoyed this book! It took me a little bit to write this review because everything I wanted to say would give away a spoiler. This is a great debut novel!

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I had a Kyle in my life.....but never a Reed......Cannot wait for the next!!

I like the story line but very amateur writing style.

3.5 star's

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