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The Perfect Play (2011)

The Perfect Play (2011)
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0425238814 (ISBN13: 9780425238813)
Penguin Berkley Heat
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The Perfect Play (2011)
The Perfect Play (2011)

About book: I really enjoyed this audiobook. It's written in 3rd person and periodically switched from Mick and Tara's perspective. The sexual chemistry between Mick and Tara is pretty instant, and Mick moved into Tara's fantasy sphere right away. I mean of course he would fall within the fantasy category right away as a football star with drop-dead, good lucks and a charming personality. AND, did you see the cover???? Freaken hot! The issue is that Tara is a single mom, owns her own event coordinating business, and doesn't have time for a distraction as potent as Mick. Yet, when Mick pushes into her life, wanting more from her than a 1 night stand, well this book took on a rather fabulous turn. In this book you get football, graphic, but sensitive sex scenes (I mean the sex scenes are thankfully NOT mechanical...they're pretty good), dirty talk during sex (boy, could these two talk dirty to one another!!!), and connecting with family along the way. I really liked Mick. He was so patient with Tara and was understanding of her concerns. Tara was guarded, but with good reason. I thought her concerns were valid and she always looked after the well-being of her son first. Even though Mick and Tara don't hold back in the bedroom department, the question of whether their relationship can be long-term always hangs in the balance. The relationship was further tested by Liz, Mick's aggressive, lady agent. Now, regarding LIz, I had a problem with her. Right away I knew she was going to be the heroine in the next book simply by the way she was described as gorgeous, polished, having an incredible body, and overall described as a sex goddess each time she had a scene. OMG, it was nauseating...seriously. The descriptions for Liz were over-the-top!!! But, the problem is that Liz is a bitch and I'm really not interested in reading her story with Gavin, Mick's self-absorbed brother. The main conflict in the book is resolved with some work on Mick's part. I thought Tara had good reason to be upset and to create distance. Yet, I have to say that even though their reunion was great, it was too rushed. All of a sudden, everything in their relationship came together, but way too squished in at the end. Maybe it's just that I'm a greedy reader, I wanted more Mick and Tara time when everything was perfect. If I read the second book, it will only be to get more of Mick and Tara, and tidbits of their HEA because unfortunately their romance did not feel complete. The narrator, Lucy Malone performed well. Overall very good audiobook! Mick and Tara, this was sweet, I liked it a lot, it was okay not to start with this one but i did't I actually read this one fourth but it was still wonderful and I enjoyed it. Pick it up you'll love Mick as he's solid and he's wonderful and Tara is sweet with her boy but the whole story is sweet and sexy. I love he's a football player I love the whole family, the introduction to them is fantastic, pick it up and start the series!!
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Great start to a new series... Had a great mix of story with hot romance. Loved it.
soooooooo good!!!!!!
loved this book
A good read.
Nota: 3.5
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