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The Pig Goes To Hog Heaven (2010)

The Pig Goes to Hog Heaven (2010)
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The Pig Goes To Hog Heaven (2010)
The Pig Goes To Hog Heaven (2010)

About book: For all the boredom I experienced reading book number two, the closing of this story brought all the pieces together. What a fascinating story, so entertaining and clever. I want to know how the author thought of it. Read this trilogy for a quirky Irish adventure that involves real people, ghosts, a castle, and a pig. I thoroughly enjoyed this last in the series, I couldn't put it down, much like the first. As I said the second was boring, and I wondered what the author was up to. It was a bit like reading the first chapters in some books where the writer sets the stage. Book two sets the stage for the climatic end. Wonderful. The story should be made into a movie, but the books would definitely be better. You probably won't be reading this if you haven't read the first 2 books in the trilogy; possibly too bad, because if this has to stand alone as a separate book, much must be repeated, not only in plot, but in characterization. So somewhat repetitious. The first book was fun, the second got into too much supernatural for my taste, and this brings it all to an easily predicted conclusion. The subplots, seemingly there to flesh out the story of 2 & 3, which could easily have fit into one book, hold a minor surprise at the ending, not really explained.My recommendation: Read the first book, skip the second two.
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This being the third in a Trilogy was a bit out there. Did not read as well as the first two.
A delightful tale. I enjoyed just as much as the other two books in the trilogy.
Didn't get into this one as much as the 2nd one.
Not as funny as the other two in the series.
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