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The Pile Of Stuff At The Bottom Of The Stairs (2011)

The Pile of Stuff at the Bottom of the Stairs (2011)

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1444710397 (ISBN13: 9781444710397)
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About book The Pile Of Stuff At The Bottom Of The Stairs (2011)

The main character moaned far too much & so I didn't enjoy all the negativity. I feel that if the chapter of them meeting was first, or near the beginning, it would have been a much better set up. Also wanted to some confrontation with Mitzi whether it was about Joel or the 'thing they saw' on holiday. I loved the predictable ending because it was written so well - and I've also found a new use for lego - sharing out the chores. This isn't a terrible book: it's just essentially rather dull. The messages of the novel seem to be 1) being a parent is hard work. 2) Each partner in a marriage tends to think, feel and behave differently from the other. 3) Housework is tedious and women often end up doing more of it.Fortunately 4) A little belated rationality/courtesy/tolerance means that most of us should be able to live more or less happily ever after, whilst counting our blessings.Most of these 'truths' could be found in any old woman's magazine on a waiting room table.The plot is dressed up with a couple of steamy(ish) sex scenes, one involving accidental voyeurism, and another the near-seduction of the heroine by a female friend of a friend. There is also the fragile skeleton of a plot that revolves around the heroine's list-making habits.But a book that I'd hoped might be funny and original and insightful was just rather banal. I got through it, because I wanted something fairly undemanding - but felt resentful because I'd anticipated something a lot more sharply plotted.

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Not particularly well written, but boy, I certainly identified with the protagonist!

Mildly funny but in places very tedious and trivial.

An okay read

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