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The Playground (1953)

The Playground (1953)

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Already being a Bradbury fan, I immediately purchased this upon seeing it in the Kindle Singles store. I found myself agreeing with much of what the main character said. There is a quiet sense of dread throughout that only amplified the further I read, despite feeling like I knew where it was ultimately headed. I would recommend it, despite its short length, but would perhaps recommend other Bradbury titles first if the reader wasn't already a fan/follower. Ray Bradbury is one of my all-time favorite authors, and this is the first of his works to be made available as an e-book. Some people have noted that "The Playground" is dark and disturbing; I can't deny that. However, it is very well-written, to the point that the dark and disturbing is made palatable. This story will grab your attention and never let go until the final word. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for someone who has never read Bradbury before, but if you're already familiar with his work, you will enjoy this.

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Creepy short story that I listened to for free on audible

Fun at times, but not my favorite Bradbury story.

Joyfully creepy/

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