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The Pledge (2011)

The Pledge (2011)
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Margaret K. McElderry
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The Pledge (2011)
The Pledge (2011)

About book: I decided to read this book because it has such an original futuristic concept (and i have the same nickname as the main character). Basically, the author should have explained what happened in the previous era that turned the society this way. Also, Max had the full package! He's hot, overprotective, a prince, but he was creepy. Fictional romantic stories these days are just disgusting. It always starts out with some creepy guy. I mean I get it, he thinks she's beautiful, although she doesn't know it. That's cute. Only if they didn't meet too random & sudden. I absolutely feel bad for Aron. He's just another character to throw in a love triangle, but he wasn't talked about at all. He at least deserved one page of his point of view. Furthermore, certain parts were repetitive but whatever. Anyway, despite all the flaws, I enjoyed this book, considering the fact that I'm sick right now. The first book in the trilogy. For a first book it wasn’t bad, but it just lacked a little bit. Charlie is a normal teenager, or well she tries to act normal, but she knows that her parents are hiding something from her. Lo and behold she has special gifts, she has the ability to understand languages, which gets her into trouble in their class system. After finding out about this gift, she finds out she has it because she is a royal, and she could potentially be the next Queen. Only catch, the Queen is not a nice person. She has to fight for what she believes, and hopefully she can preserver. The plotline was well set up, and the way the author ended it made the reader ready to read the second novel right away. As much as the first part of the novel wasn’t that great, the second part picked up and was better. The main character lacked substance so it was hard to read at times. Overall, it was an okay opening novel to the trilogy.
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I thought the is was an amazing book and cant wait to continue reading this series
Amazing book from start to finish x enjoyed it in my top books
I really liked this
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