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The Pool Of Two Moons (1999)

The Pool of Two Moons (1999)

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I felt Isabeau (which is way to weird of a name. Isa-boo? Just call her Elizabeth jeez) lost all of her spark. Her spirit was weak, her hand chopped up, her magic non-existance... Granted the magic rituals performed by Meghan and the celestines were nice inserts, I disliked the lack of magic and the over-abundence of politics. Hate politics, hate um. Nasty bits in books I try to skip over. I will make space for them when evenly placed between magic scenes but this was pushing mydesires/patience. Also, I could not get a feel for Lachlan. He's a broodying youth hunchback. Oh, now he's a bedazzling winged man. (I was very much ok with this transformation) but then he changed right back into the idiotic, headstrong fool. There was no character developement and I found myself repeatedly asking if I wouldwant him to rule the kingdom for he seemed to have no common sense, only thoughts of revenge. I would like a wise ruler thank you very much. I also did not understand the thinking behind having Isabeau befriend Maya. Were we suppose to she a good side of her? Or is she just tricky? Again, another character that I felt was written too schizophrenically/bi-polar-ism. I also could not see where the authoris going with this baby ruler thing. Is she bad is she good? This is not a story I really want to drag on but seeing that there are 5/6 books in the series, probably will. I don't know if I'll be in this for the long haul.I'm finding that there may be some smarts behind why books in a seriesother than not being able to write them all at the same time, are not released all at once. Reading these books back to back, 800+ pages, really worn me out. I probably would have been better able to deal with all the politics if I had a year spacing them apart. So, now I'm left with the decision. Read the next book or pick up another one as a palate cleanser?

It rarely happens that I find the sequel better than the first part, but voilá: here's one of them! There's a lot more action going on in this book and it's fast paced as well. I could also really appreciate the lack of explanations referring to the first book. It seems as if the author just assumed you read it first...which was great! Especially compared to some series where it's just pages of repetitive scenes to make the new reader catch up with things. There were only 3 things which slightly annoyed me:1. Isabeau: My god, she's unbelievably ignorant and naive. No wonder she always messes up and gets caught. This became a lot more clear in this book than in the previous one, when I thought it was just one way of telling a story.2. Lachlan: SUCH an egoistic and self centered bastard. He's supposed to save the day and all, but ugh, just when I think he's worth a tiny shred of sympathy, he totally ruins things again by being a douchebag. I hope he either becomes a nicer person or a total badass in the next book, but not the asshole hero he is now.3. (view spoiler)[ Why didn't they use Tòmas to heal the Righ? WHY?! Okay, maybe the story would've been less spectacular if the Righ didn't die, but still. It would've been nice if someone thought of it/suggested it at least. Now it just seemed like everyone else was an Isabeau as well. (hide spoiler)]

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Very cute little story for kids. Love the art work, the story is cute. A very good book.  My only complaint is that it is too short.

Fables 19 Netgalley review. Rating this volume is hard. The first 50 pages with Bufkin sucked. so 2 stars there.The story line with Snow White, 5 Stars, but the art I would give 3.5 Stars. That would average to 3.5  but I’m going to round up to 4 stars since the story with Snow is JUST THAT GOOD. First Impression:  The two page chapters are annoying. SPOILERS!! Plot/Storyline: Since the last volume was about the cubs, I feel like I’ve been dropped in without any explanation so I’m confused as to what is going on. I stopped reading the first pages with Bufkin cause it was really annoying and didn’t have much to do with the rest of fableland.  Glad I didn’t pay for this so far. Chapter one of Snow White- Starts with one of the cubs narrating. Not sure how I feel about this artist, Things take an interesting turn **with the return of Snow’s first husband. I am NOT liking the artist for these. Chapter two of Snow white- Snow’s original bethroded, is a giant sexist ass who needs to be punched in the face.  Also going on is Geppetto’s bethrolal to a fairy. But that story I don’t care about. It’s not bad, but i’m dying to know what is going to happen with Snow. Chapter three of Snow White- GULP! Poor Snow White! The stress with the “husband” continues. Fortunately, Ghost is here to help snow. Bigby comes in for the rescue. Won’t say more cause I don’t want to give away everything. Chapter Four: NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Art/Colors:  I’m not liking the artist they used for this volume.  I don’t know if this is the same person Fables normally uses, but this just isn’t doing it for me. Highly recommended if you read the Fables series despite my issues with it. Warnings: There is a bunch of cuss words, but that doesn’t bother me any. Other people might have issue with it though.

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