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The Prey Series (Lucas Davenport, #1-21) (2000)

The Prey Series (Lucas Davenport, #1-21) (2000)

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About book The Prey Series (Lucas Davenport, #1-21) (2000)

I am a huge fan of Lucas Davenport. . . . and John Sandford. I started reading the "Prey" mysteries a few years ago and have enjoyed reading every single one of them. I sail through these books usually in a couple of sittings. Absolutely love the wry comments from Minneapolis cop Lucas Davenport. His character has evolved through the 22 novels, but he still has his sharp mind, quick reflexes and dirty mouth. Hopefully, he always will. I've read about 13 of the Prey series novels. I love them all and would recommend reading them in order. While some are better than others, each is a great read. I think I like them so much because the characters are multi dimensional, and there's more going on in the plot than just the immediate issue at hand. Characters have families and there are other interesting sidebits to the story. The books are more like real life, where you have your job and the major part of your job, but you also have your family and friends and things that pop up unexpectedly. I remember when I read the first in the series thinking I was an observer who had just been dropped into the middle of an on going story that started before I arrived and would continue after I left. At the time I was traveling a lot to Minneapolis and could really visualize where the story was taking place. Great stuff.

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I have read all the Prey novels and always eagerly await the next one.

love the series! I recommend this author to any mystery fan!!!!

Fun series. Total literary crush on Lucas Davenport.

Love this series.

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