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The Prince And The Program (2012)

The Prince and the Program (2012)
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The Prince And The Program (2012)
The Prince And The Program (2012)

About book: Current Aldous Mercer fans will love “The Prince and the Program”, although it is not for those who want a ‘run of the mill’ romance. Nor is it for those who want a ‘run of the mill’ Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Paranormal. As I finished it, I was feeling a bit blown away by the twists and information delivered in the conclusion. After all, by halfway through the book, I’d thought I knew how it was going to end. I was wrong.I hadn’t been sure about reading this story because it seemed like the whole story was laid out in the blurb. It isn’t. The blurb only gives you the very basics and even then, it’s slightly misleading. Although I will admit that reading the story is a better experience if you manage to forget the blurb.I really loved how the author managed to combine real facts, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and mystery elements in a way that made sense yet led you on a roller coaster of a ride that started out slow and slowly accelerated until suddenly the action was moving so fast you almost couldn’t keep up. And the world building was, as I have come to expect from this author, fantastic and believable.I would recommend “The Prince and the Program” for those who want something out of the ordinary and enjoy being kept guessing. As I was reading, I wasn’t sure if I was enjoying the book, but it was so compelling—the characters so complex and real—that I couldn’t put it down. If you love mysteries, you’ll probably enjoy this one, especially if you also like science fiction and/or computers.I have read the author’s novel “Royce Ree: The Emporer’s New Clothes” (available from Smashwords), which is a PI mystery set in a futuristic, science fiction environment. The author has a talent when it comes to writing stories where some of the pieces seem to be disconnected or just enjoyable side stories but end up actually changing the whole story. I have to say that Aldous Mercer isn’t so much a romance writer as a suspense/mystery writer whose main characters just happen to be gay.4.5 Kisses—very good. You liked it and would recommend it. Stronger plot and interesting characters I feel as if I should explain why I couldn't finish. The writing felt very choppy, disconnected, and bounced all over. Without the blurb I would have had no clue to what was supposed to happen. The beginning is poorly executed. The reader was dropped into a story with no introductions and left to flounder. I really didn't like trying to figure everything out. I love well thought out mysteries and complex plots. From what I read the whole book is a mathematical puzzle on top of all the secrecy. Crafty. I read hundred's of books a year and have never gave up on a story before. I read the first chapter three times trying to figure out--something for forging on. And I did learn something. If a book takes this much effort to read... Then it's not for me. Stories should transport you to another world. When you read you should be able to slip into the character's head. I could not connect with anyone. Mores the pity because I looked forward to Mordred's story.
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Interesting. Very geeky. I'll have to see where the series goes from here.
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