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The Princess And The Peer (2012)

The Princess and the Peer (2012)

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0451236343 (ISBN13: 9780451236340)

About book The Princess And The Peer (2012)

The first in a trilogy, Warren creates a wonderful cast of characters. The plot and story were quite plausible. The reader can't help but identify with both Emma and Nick. Warren takes us through their chance meeting, time spent getting to know one another, and their eventual yield to love. Next, we take the emotional journey when they are forced to separate, experience betrayal and guilt, and strive to be together. A wonderfully orchestrated and delivered novel.Justine Eyre's narration brought the characters to life. Looking forward to the next edition! Karla says: Just a week, is that too much to ask for? A week to have an adventure before she is married and her royal duties begin? Emma knows she is bound by duty to follow the Prince's royal command to marry, in order to secure her kingdom's future, but she wants a week to explore London. Sneaking off the estate was easier than expected and the sights of the vendors in Covent Garden distracted Emma so she was an easy target for two of the neighborhood toughs. They steal her purse and she gives chase. Dominic "Nick" Gregory, Earl of Lyndhurst attempts to aid her, but is unsuccessful. Believing Emma is an out of work governess, Nick offers her refuge in his home. And the fun begins.Very good story with fresh dialogue. The characters are appealing and their interaction makes you smile. The book is well written and engaging. I loved it!

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I liked this book. Although it was predictable. it was a cute sorry on true love vs loyal duties.

Very good book indeed


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